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The Situation: The world is moving rapidly to all-mobile applications. To compete effectively your mobile web applications have to behave correctly, and work quickly. Customers on the move just haven't got the time! eValid technology helps you get effective answers to critical behavior and performance issues quickly.

What Does It Take To Test Mobile Web Apps?
  • Strong Test Engine: eValid's record/play test engine, with the built-in server loading capability, combine functional, regression, and load test in a single unified package.

  • Record Tests From Life: eValid records a script "from life" using details that are extracted automatically from your web application as it runs in the eValid browser.

  • Mobile Device Playback: Special commands in eValid let you emulate any mobile device — smart phones, tablets, laptops...any device you wish. The web server delivers responses as if it was serving the specific device. The rendering engine shows you what the user sees. Run 100's or 1,000's of simultaneous Browser Users (BUs).

  • Single Platform Advantage: All your testing, for every mobile device that you are supporting, can be done from a single platform, saving you trouble and expense.

  • Adaptive Playback To Bulletproof Tests: When web pages change — in unimportant ways — eValid's Adaptive Playback capability automatically corrects the test. No more "brittle tests" that require excessive script maintenance.
Benefit Summary
100% end-user-centric measurements
Emulates any mobile device
High-accuracy timing data
High BU-count LoadTest capacity
Powerful script recording engine
Simplified test editing
Structural testing capability
DOM validation & synchronization
Adaptive playback
Parameter substitution capability
Moderate pricing and flexible licensing
Quick installation, no plugins

Functional Test Examples
Here are functional testing examples involving smartphone and other types of mobile devices:

One Site, Five Different Phones
eValid emulates five different smart phones displaying a standard e-commerce home page.
One Phone, Multiple Sites
eValid emulates one smart phone and illustrates how five different web applications render in the browser.
One Site, Twenty Mobile Devices
eValid emulates twenty different mobile devices downloading and displaying a popular web page.
Validation With
Emulators of

LoadTest Scenarios Results
It's easy to design your loadtest scenario, for 100's to 1,000's of BUs and at any desired load ramp schedule. eValid LoadTest scenarios implement a phased ramp-up sequence, and can run unattended for many hours, accumulating detailed performance data over time. (Click to expand images...)

Sample Loadtest Results Chart          Sample Loadtest Results Chart          Sample Loadtest Results Chart