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eValid -- LoadTest Server Loading -- General Description
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eValid's LoadTest applies multiple independent parallel browser sessions to the job of loading your server with total realism. Because each session is 100% accurate you know you have a 100% real load in real time. No Virtual Users!

eValid's approach to imposing server load meets the twin goals of total realism and complete reliability. eValid's LoadTest engine has No Virtual Users! Only simulated Actual Users that impose server load in real time.

Technical Approach
eValid's approach to server loading involves:

  • Use of regular eValid Functional Tests in a LoadTest scenario.
  • Parallel execution of multiple eValids under central control.
  • Independent, repeated operation of each functional test.
  • Inter-browser data collection and consolidation.
  • Cacheless operation for maximum accuracy for all tests.

LoadTest Script Composition
Here are some of the features you can program into an eValid LoadTest script:

  • Name of the actual functional test script being played back.
  • Accounting group to which to assign this simulated "LoadTest User".
  • Page serve type (Full or Text).
  • eValid LoadTest engine type (Full, Thin, or Lite).
  • Playback repetition count.
  • Parameter values (in-line runtime data substitutions).

Smart Script Creation
eValid LoadTest scripts are exceptionally easy to create, using the eValid recording GUI. You can also use test scripts you have already created in your Regression Test Suite.

Scenario Editor
eValid LoadTest runs are composed of sets of eValid functional test scripts composed into a special LoadTest script. eValid's LoadTest uses a LoadTest script to launch the specified number of independent eValid browsers, each playing back the specified functional test. There is a powerful LoadTest Scenario Editor that composes your load testing scripts with the click of a button.

LoadTest Results Display: Scenario Monitor
During an eValid run with 10's or 100's of eValid browsers running independently of each other, the eValid LoadTest system accumulates key data for your use to assess how well the server is performing: The eValid Scenario Monitor shows the current status of all eValid copies you have running, in real time! The dynamic display shows you:

  • Name of functional test script
  • Assigned LoadID for playback time result accumulation
  • How many times each eValid copy has exected its assigned script
  • Maximum run count
  • Minimum, average, and maximum script playback times measured

LoadTest Results Display: Timing Chart
The data from all of the eValid playbacks is kept internally and aggregated through use of the assigned LoadID. You could assign the same LoadID to all of the scripts you're running or you could assign a different LoadID to each script, or any combination. At the end of the run the eValid LoadTest Timing Chart shows you the minimum, average, maximum and standard deviation time for all tests run under each LoadID.

Licensing Approach
eValid LoadTest is licensed based on the total number of machines you use to impose load on your server cluster. You are free to run as many eValid copies on each machine as you wish, subject only to the available RAM and other capacities of each machine. There is no per-actual-user fee to worry about. Extra playback-only machines or extra Infinite User Key (IUK) weeks are very moderately priced.

Sample Screen
Here is a sample image of evalid LoadTest reports.

Key Benefits
Here are a few of the key features of eValid LoadTest:
 • Realistic functional tests. Realistic server loading.
 • Load your server with 50+, 100+, 500+, 1000+ LoadTest user sessions.
 • eValid functional tests can play back ANY browser sequences.
 • Point and Click LoadTest scenario editor.
 • LoadTest scenarios use any functional test scripts.
 • Leverage tests from your regression test suite.
 • LoadTest playbacks are fully "stateful," maintain user context.
 • No virtual users! No virtual user licensing fees.
 • Available Infinite User Key (IUK) weeks for multi-machine loading experiments.
 • Reliable and revealing LoadTest Reports.
 • LoadTest solution scales up well.
 • Tests behave as real users. Your servers see actual users behavior, not approximations.

Sample Screen Showing eValid Load Test Reports.